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About Myself:

I am a freelance artist with expertise in both traditional artwork and digital design. I adore both, and embrace the way technology now allows us to combine and create work that can impart layers of meaning. Classically trained as an illustrator, Iím first and foremost a traditional artist, though equally at home in the digital world. Iíve won awards and been featured in several art magazines, as well as being a signature member of some art societies.

I use Photoshop to develop and refine painting concepts, often compositing and manipulating images to bring a heightened sense of reality to my subjects. These are used as references for the final painting. I am comfortable in a variety of mediums: charcoal, pastels, and oils, both small scale and large.

I also enjoy a variety of subjects, equally at home with portraits, animals, florals, landscapes and seascapesÖIíll try any subject I have the desire to explore. Iím always up for a new challenge and a chance to learn and grow spiritually.

Helping other artists bridge the gap between their traditional art world and the digital world comes naturally to me, and I truly enjoy being able to help them market their art online. In this respect, Iíve worked with clients across town and across the globe, empowering them to reach out to new markets through custom designed websites and social networking. I donate as much time as I can spare to charities and volunteer efforts, as well as mentoring young artists online through DeviantArt.com.

About the paintings:

"Through my paintings I wish to express something more, the intangible center which transcends the ordinary and illuminates the mythic essence, if you will, which exists within us, unchanged since we were children. As children, we absorbed the beauty of all around us, touched with a glow of magic conjured by our imaginations. I wish to bring the viewer back to that time, to experience things, maybe not as they were, but as we wish to remember them.Ē


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